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Court filing and Issuance

Our Court Filing department is solely dedicated to filing court documents on your behalf, and on time. Truly knowing that our specialists are guided by our on-site legal team assures peace of mind. We file your legal documents for Family and Small claims courts in Ontario. Our coverage area includes: Brampton, Toronto, Newmarket and Oshawa. Call us today to learn more about our litigation solutions.

Process serving and Skip tracing

BellGor case managers are fully trained to locate any person for the purpose of serving all legal documents within 24 hours of receipt. BellGor has invested hundreds of hours in training and development. Our process servers have a full understanding of P.E.P.I.D.A. and how it relates to the protection of personal information. We are guided by The Rules of Civil Procedure.

Litigation research and Court attendance

Our Document Retrieval Services department is solely dedicated to research and retrieval of legal documents. Our staff has years of experience in investigation and document research. We have a great relationship with the clerks at the Provincial Courts in Toronto, Oshawa, and Newmarket. For more information on our services and solutions please contact our firm to learn more.